Thank you for your interest in the Langley Club!

At the present time there is a waiting list for membership. You may download the application and send it in with a non-refundable $50.00 application fee, check payable to: Langley Club, P.O. Box 174, McLean, VA 22101. Once it is received, your name is added to this waiting list. Memberships are offered in the order applications are received. If a membership offer is turned down, the name is removed from the waiting list and a new application must be made along with another $50.00 fee.

The cost of a membership at the Langley Club:

Refundable Equity (refunded when resigning): $765.00
Initiation (one time, non-refundable): $1250.00
Basic membership (yearly, due by March 1): $575.00
Children/Other household member (yearly): $60.00 each

For example, for a family with two children:
The fee for the first year would be $2,710 ($765 + $1250 + $575 + $120)
The fee for the second and following years would be $695 ($575 + $120)
*These fees assume the dues are not changed and remain the same each year.

August rentals are available for families on our waiting list. This provides those on our waiting list the opportunity to try our facilities and see if they would be interested in a membership when offered. Once you are on the waiting list, you will be contacted with an invitation to try out the Club with an August membership. You will be able to use all Club facilities from August 1 to Labor Day, for a rental fee of $200 per family.

The Langley Club also sometimes has a few Summer Rentals available for those on the waiting list. These are offered to families on the waiting list in sequence starting at the top after all memberships are sold. If a current club member is planning to be gone for most of the summer, then our by-laws state that they can rent their membership back to the club for a fee to then be rented to someone on the waiting list. A Summer Rental pays a $100 rental fee, Basic Membership of $575 and $60 for each child or other member (nanny, Au Pair, etc. one year and older). You would have full use of the facility for the season (i.e. children can join tennis and swim teams) but do not have voting rights at membership meetings.  As it is dependent on where you are on the waitlist, Summer Rentals are not offered to everyone, and you may not be a Summer Rental for more than one year.

We usually open the weekend of Memorial Day and close Labor Day. We have lots of fun club-wide social activities for both adults and children, a swim team and lessons available for the children, and tennis teams and lessons available for children and adults.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Club Administrator, Jenifer Lesan, at if you have any questions. You can also find additional information here on our website on the various pages.

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